Sareta Schütte (CEO)

I am honored to introduce myself as the proud Matriarch of three wonderful “inherited” children, a loving Mother to two remarkable teenagers, and a cherished Grandmother to seven exceptionally bright and beautiful grandchildren. My heart is filled with joy as I share my life with the love of my life in a blissful marriage.

In addition to my role within my family, I am a passionate businesswoman, a staunch feminist, and an ambitious go-getter. While I strive to be a good friend, I must admit that I have room for improvement in that aspect. However, above all else, I am the unwavering Guardian of my Tribe, my Clan. I protect them fiercely, for anyone who dares to harm them will face dire consequences.

My mind is captivated by ideas, constantly seeking connections between seemingly unrelated phenomena. I am a knowledge gatherer, amassing information, ideas, artifacts, and relationships. In any given situation, I possess the ability to discern pertinent patterns and issues with ease. My work ethic is unparalleled, and I derive immense satisfaction from being productive and keeping busy.

I have a strong desire to make a significant impact. With my independent nature, I prioritize projects based on the influence they can have on our Legacy and the people around us. Along my journey, I have navigated emotional obstacles, political battles, and the challenges of being part of a blended family. I have experienced the complexities of parental love, the dynamics of previous generations, and the intricacies of intertwining relationships. I have overseen multiple successful legal practices and prosperous businesses, always striving to fulfill the aspirations and dreams of those I care for.

At the forefront of my leadership style is strategic thinking. I guide my family, ensuring that everyone remains focused on what lies ahead. Constantly absorbing and analyzing information, I assist in making informed decisions that shape our collective future. My aim is to expand the boundaries of my family’s thinking, encouraging them to embrace growth and progress.

Presently, I hold the position of Trustee within the Family Forum. Recently, I entrusted the reins to two exceptional individuals, Simone Schütte and Wilmari Möller. These young prodigies are brave, ambitious, and possess an unwavering commitment to the collective well-being of our family. They are driven by the profound belief that we must move forward together as a unified entity, ensuring that no one is left behind. They embody what we call “THE OHANA EFFECT,” and they represent the bright future of the Schütte Legacy.

Eugene Swanepoel (COO)

With an impressive career spanning over three decades, Eugene Swanepoel has amassed a wealth of business expertise both in South Africa and internationally. He possesses a diverse background, having worked across various industries such as construction, mining, information technology, distribution and logistics, consulting, and engineering. Throughout his career, Eugene has excelled in roles encompassing general management, financial management, system development, cost and management accounting, and tax planning.

Eugene’s proficiency extends beyond traditional business functions. He has garnered extensive experience in company strategic alignment, mergers and acquisitions, business intelligence, and automated processing. In the initial two decades of his professional journey, he gained comprehensive exposure to multiple facets of business operations, including finance, administration, inventory control, debtors and creditors management, human resources, IT, costing, taxation, year-end procedures, consolidations, and labor relations.

Over the past 20 years, Eugene has assumed senior board-level positions and has also provided invaluable management consulting services to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). His strategic insights and adeptness have facilitated business growth, turnaround, and transformation, demonstrating his ability to identify innovative solutions that differentiate services in dynamic markets. Eugene exhibits a profound understanding of business strategy and exhibits exceptional leadership acumen.

Corporate governance stands as a driving force in Eugene’s professional endeavors, underscoring his unwavering commitment to fostering sound governance practices within organizations of all sizes.

Eugene’s professional drive is fueled by:

  • A passion for business: He thrives on comprehending the intricacies of each unique business, recognizing the nuances that set them apart.
  • A thirst for knowledge: Eugene’s relentless pursuit of understanding why certain approaches succeed or fail underscores his intellectual curiosity.
  • Commitment to service excellence: He firmly believes that if a task is worth undertaking, it should be executed with the utmost precision and excellence.
  • Aspiring to be the best: Eugene embodies an unwavering dedication to continuous improvement, always striving for excellence regardless of prior accomplishments.

Eugene Swanepoel’s profound expertise, unwavering passion for business, thirst for knowledge, commitment to service excellence, and pursuit of continuous improvement make him a highly accomplished and respected professional in the field.

Lonice Wessels (MD)

Lonice Wessels is our MD. She studied at North West University and achieved her degree in Corporate Communication, followed by her honours degree in Multi Media. Both were achieved with full academic colours. She also received membership to the International Golden Key Society for outstanding academic performance, receiving awards for top academic performer in both Communication and Multi Media.
Sareta and Lonice met while she was still in University. Sareta saw her potential and employed her on the spot as the graphic designer for her events business at that time. Lonice later ventured into newspaper and printing and settled as a freelancer for 9 years, working with clients such as InniBos, Ford, Juicy Lucy, York and Minopex. In 2017 Sareta established Saturn Management Co and once again reached out to Lonice for creative input. She was offered the position of GEMO and has been leading the marketing team ever since.

Ockert Fernandes (GEMO)

Ockert Fernandes is the youngest member of the Saturn Management team, however, young people bring fresh ideas to the table and that is exactly what Ockert has to offer, and more! Working in media and content creation since his high school days, Ockert has a variety of experience working with video production, content creation, graphic design, website building and SEO. He has built a reputation working with companies like Mahela, Amorentia and many more farming entities to broaden their online presence and help them become influential in their own right.

Apart from running the social channels and building websites he is also the creative producer and videographer of over 100 videos since he’s become part of the Schütte Legacy. Ockert has also won 2 awards for internationally recognised marketing videos via the ITFF in 2021, laying a strong foundation in the video content production industry.

Ryan Wicht (SFM)

Ryan Wicht is a dedicated financial professional with a strong academic background and a passion for excellence. He embarked on his educational journey at the University of Pretoria, where he earned a BCom degree in Financial Sciences, honing his skills in the intricate world of finance and economics. Seeking further specialization, Ryan pursued an Honors degree in Internal Auditing from the University of South Africa (UNISA), demonstrating his commitment to expanding his knowledge and expertise in the field.

With a thirst for practical experience, Ryan embarked on his professional career by completing his articles at a reputable accounting firm situated in Mpumalanga. During this pivotal period, he gained valuable hands-on insights into the dynamic realms of financial management and auditing. His dedication and diligence bore fruit as he successfully earned his Professional Accountancy (SA) certification.

Fuelled by a passion for finance and an unyielding commitment to professional growth, Ryan’s journey didn’t stop there. His unrelenting ambition led him to further elevate his credentials by achieving his Chartered Accountancy certification through the prestigious Association of Chartered Accountants. This achievement solidified his status as a seasoned financial expert, armed with both theoretical knowledge and practical proficiency, ready to tackle the multifaceted challenges of the financial world.

Charlene van Tonder (HTO)

Charlene has assumed the esteemed role of Human Transformation Officer, demonstrating her commitment to fostering positive change within the organization. In addition to this pivotal position, I proudly serve as the versatile Executive Personal Assistant for the entire group of entities within the Schutte Legacy. My responsibilities extend beyond supporting the Group CEO and COO, as I eagerly lend my assistance to anyone within the organization, regardless of the magnitude of their needs. I find immense joy in fulfilling these diverse tasks, embracing the challenges that arise with each passing day.

With a comprehensive background in the banking sector spanning two decades, I have acquired invaluable expertise. My accomplishments include obtaining a Certificate of Achievement at NQF Level 4 from the Bank Seta, completing the Regulatory Examination First Level with Moonstone, and attaining the National Credit Act F&I certification from Moonstone. Furthermore, I possess a Competence Certificate in Facilitating Learning using various methodologies at Level 5 from the Assessment College of South Africa.

My driving passion lies in assisting others and spreading happiness to all those around me. This desire transcends the confines of my professional environment, extending to my interactions with family and friends. Making a positive impact on the lives of others brings me great fulfillment and serves as a personal mission that I wholeheartedly embrace.

Gerda Combrink (Financial Manager)

I am a dedicated financial administrative professional. I am Currently studying towards my National Diploma in Financial Accounting (NDFA)
Besides being deadline driven, a fast learner, organized and precise I also enjoy all that is fine and performing arts and the nodrama, uncomplicated beauty of life as a whole.

Besides giving my all to complete my studies
I have also been very fortunate to have some of my poems published alongside 18 other aspiring writers in the electronic publication Stemme: Voices compiled by Arnold Lacock

Janine Möller (Producer)

Brendon Keyser (Director of Photography)

Through the years I’ve had the privilege of filming countless places and situations, I’ve relished the intrigue of exploring the personalities of so many interesting people….For all this I am hugely grateful .

The opportunity from Saturn Media House to explore and discover Mpumalanga is an opportunity I could in no way pass. Filming reality and telling good stories from this area is a lifestyle I’m truly looking forward to immersing myself into.

Monette Coetzee (Production Manager)

I’m all the way from Johannesburg to take on a new challenge for Saturn Media. I am very exited about the new opportunity and all the possibilities.

I am a very loyal person who appreciates family values. I am looking forward to exploring the Lowveld and finding all the hidden gems

Proudly part of The Schütte Legacy